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PhD an Escape from Reality

Category : Academic
Date : August 3, 2016
There are very few graduates who are clear about their vision, when getting into a Ph.D. programme. Most of the ones who do so, actually enrol themselves without any clarity of why they want to do the course in the first place. It is a more like a medium of escaping from reality, than anything […]
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How to find the perfect acknowledgement sample

Date : April 3, 2016
All scholars hope to finish their PhD as early as possible. Lot of obstacles and hurdles come in the way and perseverance is what is required and one needs to hold on to the whip while the storm is at its strongest. After you have crossed all major obstacles and are on the path of […]
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What is reverse outlining for researchers?

Category : Research
Date : February 23, 2016
There would come a stage when you have completed your first draft and you think you could organise your document better. Here is a time when you could think about creating a reverse outline. They are simple to create. All you need to do is to read through your essay and every time there is […]
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Punctuation Rules When You Proofread Your Thesis

Category : Proofreading
Date : December 14, 2015
When I put on my editing caps, I get that critical perspective to find punctuation errors in the documents often costing scholars to lose upon grades when otherwise the quality of their overall work is more deserving. Immaculate punctuation is very useful in enriching the work standards and it isn’t very difficult to do. You […]
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Is It Important What You Wear as a Research Scholar?

Category : Research
Date : September 14, 2015
The academic profession has competing demands and the people who are there in this field need to look knowledgeable and trustworthy. To add to this as a professor you need to also appear approachable to your students. A lot of people are of the opinion that it does not matter what an academician is wearing […]
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Common Stylistic Problems

Category : Editing
Date : August 2, 2014
When writing or editing a research document, there are many stylistic problems that need to be explored by researcher. Exploring the different problem areas through different level of explanations, the individual challenges of the researchers could be met with a more pragmatic approach. Some of the common stylistic problems in writing/ editing research is of: […]
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Turning your dissertation right side out

Category : Dissertation
Date : October 31, 2013
Most academic authors seem to assume that their subjects will interest only other specialists in their fields. Yet, as an editor who has worked on books in areas ranging from medieval Japanese literature to the political applications of game history, I rarely encounter a manuscript that does not yield an insight I find personally illuminating. […]
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