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Why is It Essential That Your Editor Should Be Well-Verse with APA format?

Category : Formatting
Date : August 26, 2016
Statistics have proven that approximately 85% of the dissertations that are submitted for publication, lack compliance with formatting instructions. Writers are generally aware from the initial stage of the writing process that their research work must be in coherence with the formatting guidelines prescribed by the University. This includes paying attention to the layout of […]
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Can we incorporate old sources in our Literature Review?

Date : May 24, 2016
If a thesis has most of the resources, which are more than ten years old, should it be accepted? What kind of difference or problem it can create in the thesis? Ever since, we know the age of the research is of vital importance in the field of sciences as, here the building of knowledge […]
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How to write a good post-doctoral resume?

Category : General
Date : May 2, 2016
Writing a good resume is of course a difficult task for many. A lot of applicants also underestimate the power of a resume, not realising that the resume is the gateway to create the first impression on the employer. An organisation may receive hundreds or even thousands of resume at a point of time and […]
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How to make your research papers’ online presence felt?

Date : April 14, 2016
If you want your research articles presence to be felt online, you need to be actively involved in the task of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By being actively involved in wanting to create your online presence, you are in a position to have a strong academic visibility and better readership sand citation for your research […]
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Why Choose a Professional Editor for Your Dissertation?

Category : Editing
Date : February 25, 2016
As a research scholar drafting a dissertation, you face a multitude of challenges right from choosing an appropriate, unique and interesting topic to presenting the full and final dissertation in front of learned masters of scholarly skills. In this exhaustive and rather strenuous process, it becomes a tedious task to constantly maintain a balance between […]
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When is it ok to not include figures and tables in research?

Category : Research
Date : January 18, 2016
It is not necessary that every time you have figures and tables, you have to show them in you document. There are some main reasons to include parenthetical, “data not shown” or its other synonyms rather than adding a corresponding figure or table in the document. What are the main reasons? Positive or confirmatory results: […]
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Critical Thinking Is a Skill to Be Learn for Researchers

Category : Research
Date : November 4, 2015
A thinking and self-directed person one must learn to develop own responses to other people’s ideas. Accepting other people’s ideas is a careless way of handling things and one must learn to be a critical thinker. Often students make judgements on first impressions or gut feelings but always remember there is a consequence to each […]
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Reasons and More to Study for a PhD

Date : August 18, 2015
Wanting to prefix “Dr” in front of your name may not be a substantial enough reason to enrol into a PhD programme. Maybe even the temptation for a better job may not be good enough in itself. A PhD is grilling, it calls for a lot of hard work , long grilling hours of work […]
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Does the Fear of Professional Failure Keeps You Glued to Your PhD?

Date : July 27, 2015
Quite recently, it so happened that I encountered an old school friend over Facebook. We both learnt music together and today he has a rock band of his own and quite large a fan following. He travels extensively around the world. It brought in a deep sense of pride within me, to know a person […]
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TMT (Time Management Techniques)

Category : General
Date : July 3, 2015
The skill of time management is a very vital skill. It is necessary in the chosen career as well as during the academic life. The time clocks of people differ from individual to individual. Find here some effective time management strategies to include in your routine. Not all of them may work from everyone. It […]
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