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How to Proofread Your Dissertation

Date : April 27, 2018
The process of editing a dissertation is similar to proofreading it whereas the later one is not even close to the function of the former one. While editing deals with the content, structure, and flow of the document; proofreading is word-by-word correction of spellings, punctuation, and grammar. Succeeding the process of writing and editing your […]
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Spelling Differences – UK and US context

Category : Formatting
Date : September 27, 2016
When writing a journal, research paper, academic book or an essay, it is crucial to check where you want to submit the paper. Always remember that US and UK English is difference, and so is the pronunciation, spelling and grammar. So, before you start writing, you can need to ascertain whether you are going to […]
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How to eliminate basic grammar errors in your research paper

Category : Editing, Proofreading
Date : March 23, 2016
Editing, we all know is a task that is as important and challenging as writing. It is nearly impossible to have your first draft completely immaculate and polished without any requirements for revision. The objectives of editing are more than what is apparent.  Editing helps to identify or rectify the content in the best way […]
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The Best Dissertation Writing Tips Ever

Category : Dissertation
Date : March 8, 2016
Writing a dissertation is a complex task and calls for a lot of involvement from the end of the writer. So, if you seek to be focused and result oriented when you are writing your dissertation, these 5 tips could be the best tips to ever follow: Get organised and have a schedule to follow: […]
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When would the examiner tear apart your thesis?

Category : Thesis
Date : February 28, 2016
You have put in your blood and sweat into your thesis and you have got results after putting in lot of toil into doing your analysis. But still you are anxious that the examiner may just tear apart your thesis. Well, if you want to be really sure that this does not happen to you. […]
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The Benefits and Tips for Using Headings & Sub Headings in a Research Paper

Category : Research
Date : November 23, 2015
Before I start to elucidate on the importance of headings and subheadings, if you want to know it through experience, try this test on a reader who does not know much about your subject and would read with no preconceptions. Get your draft read by him or her and ask him to sequence out the […]
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Why Is It Necessary to Have an Argument in Your Thesis?

Date : October 24, 2015
The objective behind academic writing is to make claims about different things in the world that exist or they should exist. When we talk of PhD work, it holds true here also. Whether your thesis deals with qualitative or quantitative research, it holds true. However, when you make a claim in your ‘PhD thesis, it […]
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You Must Know the Rules of Your PhD Programme: Written and Unwritten

Date : August 24, 2015
After when you have finalised your university for your PhD the next best thing to do is to familiarise yourself with the department, institute rules that are general and the ones that are specifically applicable to PhD students. A PhD orientation programme is the best place to do that and often doctoral students are so […]
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Tips for Doing the Literature Review Right

Category : Plagiarism, Research
Date : July 6, 2015
I have finished and submitted my literature review. it’s been an interesting journey, a combination of varied emotions, stress and a whole lot of procrastination. After summing up the entire process, I would tell you few most important things that I learnt while working over it: Make plans but don’t live with them: It is […]
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Simple Steps to a Successful Thesis

Category : Editing
Date : April 14, 2015
Completing a PhD is something that cannot be achieved by everyone, which is why it is said to be one of the toughest degrees to win. There is intense study and research involved in the completion of a PhD degree and the much talked about thesis writing. A thesis is actually a compilation of all […]
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