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A Brief Guide to APA Citations and References

Category : Formatting
Date : April 3, 2017
In academic writing, the work of others must always be acknowledged and credited when you are using it in your writing. The way of giving credit to the author is called citing the text. This citation is incomplete without corresponding reference. The reference list is a major component of the document as it is required […]
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Repetition of content in thesis: how to do it tactfully

Category : Editing
Date : April 25, 2016
A thesis is a long document and hence completing it poses a lot of challenges to the researcher. One of the main tasks that comes as a challenge to the researcher is that they feel that in an attempt to create such a lengthy document they have m to constantly repeat themselves and also in […]
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Do you know the tricks to become more creative, focussed, relaxed and productive?

Category : General
Date : March 13, 2016
Who amongst us would not like to have these traits in our personality? I am sure all of us would like to be more creative than what we are and more focused, relaxed and productive.  Research has proven that just by putting in the effort to develop certain habits in your personality, you can be […]
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The most probable questions in Academic Interviews

Category : Academic
Date : March 8, 2016
Interviews are most of the times, filtering exercises as rarely does it happen that there is only one applicant for the   post. The objective behind interviewing a candidate is to learn more about him and know more about his background so that the selection of the right candidate can be justified. Though there is a […]
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How to ensure you stick to the given word count when writing research?

Date : January 25, 2016
If your manuscript breeds more words than needed, you are making a chore for the reader who has to go through the manuscript. Researchers, mostly the seasoned researchers have ample of information with them and   when they sit to write, they find it very difficult to bring down that information in the controlled word limit. […]
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The Best Ever Tips for That Perfect Dissertation Introduction

Category : Dissertation
Date : November 16, 2015
There are some important components in an introduction which cannot be missed, no matter what. Find here those important components that will simplify for you the task of putting up a good introduction. Statement of Purpose: You open up your dissertation with the introduction and it should begin with a clear statement of purpose for […]
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What Plans After Your PhD?

Date : September 29, 2015
Going through a strenuous experience of PhD, most often scholars do not have a post PhD plan. It’s like after that long and tedious journey, you may just find yourself standing at the same place and doing the same job. There is a lot of subjectivity involved in what to do next after your degree […]
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PhD Regrets in the First Year

Date : August 3, 2015
When I completed my first year in my PhD course, I took time to reflect on the year that had gone by. When I started to jot done my achievements and regrets, I had a long list on either side of the column. It made me want to share my thoughts with others. Especially the […]
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Inspirations That Help You Write Your Thesis Better

Category : Research
Date : June 23, 2015
I despise those times when I have to write and nothing seems to flow out of my system. There have been times when I have started to write 5 different pieces and left them all incomplete. At times, when I sit down to write, all that comes out is complete blank and I feel like […]
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The Criteria Followed for MLA Format in Research

Category : Research
Date : March 24, 2015
There is a great significance of MLA format in research. For students, doing PhD., writing research paper, thesis, or dissertation it is must to know; how to write in MLA format. There are number of universities requiring students to prepare their work in MLA format. Students are free to choose any topic but should place […]
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